Doing God’s Business is a film-based resource that seeks to help Christians integrate their faith with their work, by exploring how topics such as vocation, spirituality, ethics, and others are part of everyday marketplace experience

Episode 1: What is so Good About Working?

Who is this for? 

This 8-session curriculum is ideal for small groups in marketplace ministry whether in churches, business groups, leadership training or non-profit organizations. It can also be as a self-study resource by individuals who long to discover real meaning in their work and their role in the marketplace

What is it trying to accomplish? 

This series seeks

  • to offer a vision of what Kingdom work looks like in the world
  • to help people renew the way they think about their work
  • to provide a framework of integration between faith and engagement with the world

When can it be used?

The curriculum is interactive in nature and its learnings are maximized in a group setting where practical applications of the content can be discussed and shared on an ongoing basis. The sessions are as follows:

  1. What is so Good About Working?
  2. Reframing Monday to Friday
  3. Why Work is Sometimes so Hard 
  4. Grappling with the Pressures
  5. Why You Can Be Creative 
  6. Dealing with a Changing World 
  7. Doing Kingdom Work 
  8. Business as Mission. Really?

How much time do you need? 

Each session is designed to take 50-75 minutes, and is composed of a video, discussion questions, reflection over a text from the Bible, and optional activities that can be done during the session or at another time. The format can be freely modified by the leader based on the unique needs of the group or individual

Thus, Doing God's Business offers a renewed perspective on the good work to which you are called. We pray as you journey with us in the next eight sessions, that you are filled with hope and joy to do Kingdom Work as God calls you into the world as a minister of shalom in every vocation

Doing God's Business includes a complete study and leader's guide.  

Download a free preview of the Study Guide: Chapter 1 "What is so Good About Working" Here.

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