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Vocational Discernment at Tenth: Why God’s Calling Is Written into Your Life

  • Tenth Church 1805 Larch Street Vancouver, BC, V6K 3N9 Canada (map)

This is the second of four workshops jointly sponsored by IMT and Tenth Church.

Presenters: Dr. R. Paul Stevens, (Professor Emeritus of Marketplace Theology, Chairman, IMT), Gray Poehnell (International Vocational Consultant), Sean Wood (Tenth Pastor). Cost is $25 at the door.

Why take these seminars?
•    Gain a deeper knowledge and awareness of God and of yourself
•    Get real help in figuring out what to do with your life
•    Obtain skills in helping others with vocational discernment
•    Gain a deeper spirituality for everyday life and work

Previous Session: Jan 20 - Does God Really Have a Wonderful Plan for My Life?

This Session: January 27, 2018  9.00-12.30 p.m.  Why God’s Calling Is Written into Your Life
•    Does God Really Have a Wonderful Plan for My Life? (Stevens) 9.00-9.40 a.m.
•    Learning to See Myself (Poehnell) 9.40-10.20
•    Break  10.20-10.40
•    Towards a Biblical View of the Self (Stevens) 10.40-11.20
•    Small Group (Poehnell) 11.20-12.20 p.m.
•    Q&A 12.20-12.30

Session 3: February 3, 2018 9.00-12.30 p.m. The Spirituality of Calling and Listening to God in Life
•    Learning to See the World (Poehnell) 9.00-9.40
•    Small Group Exercise: Career Exploration (Poehnell) 9.40-10.20
•    Career Exploration Part 1 (Poehnell) 10.20-11.00
•    Break 11.00-11.20
•    Listening to Voice of God (Stevens) 11.20-11.50
•    Vocational Integrity (Poehnell) 11.50-12.30 p.m.

Session 4: February 10, 2018 9.00-12.30 p.m. The Fruits of Vocational Discernment
•    The Spirit and Vocational Guidance (Stevens) 9.00-9.40 a.m.
•    Career Exploration Part 2 (Poehnell) 9.40-10.30
•    Break 10.30-10.50
•    Stress, Sabbath and Serenity (Stevens) 10.50-11.30
•    Vocational Contentment (Wood) 11.30-12.20 p.m.
•    Commissioning 12.20-12.30 

For more information or to register, email or call (604) 637-2250.