"Due to an impoverished understanding of Scripture, I had been perpetuating an improperly dualistic Sunday-to-Monday gap ... I had separated the life of Christian faith from ordinary, everyday living in the world."  Tom Nelson, author of The Economics of Neighbourly Love

Many Christians feel their work is disconnected from what they incorrectly perceive to be God's work in the world. At best, the money they earn can support God's 'real workers': missionaries, church workers, and those in not-for-profit ministries. Their part is merely to provide resources, to obtain those resources without sinning, and to witness to co-workers. The actual work they do is merely secular, so it does not matter in the same way sacred work does. Discovering that God cares about the actual work we do, and that everything we do is sacred, is giving many Christians new meaning and purpose, and is advancing God's kingdom in new and fresh ways.

"A faulty theology of vocation and work was a significant contributor to the secularization of western society. Recovery of a fully biblical theology of vocation and work has the potential to energize a radical new missionary movement in the world today" Paul Williams, Research Professor Regent College.

"Until we are clear on this, we will have missed Jesus’ connection between life and God and will automatically exclude most of our everyday lives from the domain of faith and discipleship. Jesus lived most of his life on earth as a blue-collar worker, someone we might describe today as an ‘independent contractor.’  In his vocation He practiced everything He later taught about life in the kingdom.” Dallas Willard, Introduction to The Mentored Life by James M Houston.

"So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering." Romans 12:1, The Message

IMT helps Christians integrate their faith and work by providing a host of resources including videos and study guides for small groups, courses and seminars, and certificates that can provide three credits towards a Masters degree at Regent College in Vancouver. We also offer consulting and mentoring services to professional and business leaders.


  • We provide resources and coaching for people re-vocationing their lives, often in the second half of life. 
  • Our resource people have authored a number of books on subjects related to our work. Most notably the following written by Paul Stevens:
    • Richard Goossen and R. Paul Stevens, Entrepreneurial Leadership: Finding Your Calling, Making a Difference (IVP, 2013)
    • Work Matters (IVP, translated into Chinese)
    • Taking Your Soul to Work (with Alvin Ung, Eerdmans, translated into Korean)
    • Entrepreneurial Leadership (with Richard Goossen, IVP, April 2103)
    • The Other Six Days: Vocation, Work and Ministry in Biblical Perspective (Eerdmans, translated into Korean)
    • Marketplace Ministry Handbook: A Manual for Work, Money and Business (Regent College Publishing. Translated into Chinese) 


  • We offer mentoring of business and professional leaders
  • We organize cohorts of business and professional people meeting for 1.5 days every 2 months for a year with a theological resource person and thoughtful practitioner. Possible subjects include ethics, spirituality, mission, money, organizational culture, leadership, and worldview.

Seminars & Courses

  • Marketplace seminars and conferences
  • Courses on the following:
    • Marketplace Theology
    • Taking your soul to work
    • Theology of Work
    • Soul of innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Soul of leadership
    • Tentmaking
    • Vocational Discernment
    • Business Ethics
    • Reframing Retirement
    • Christianity and the economic system
    • Social Enterprise
    • Worldview (Reframe DVD course by Regent College)


  • We consult with businesses on marketplace integration, leadership, and organizational culture
  • We consult with churches and organizations wishing to empower their working members to be a transformative influence in the world through:
    • Major events
    • Seminars
    • Consulting with leadership
    • Teaching
    • Cohorts of business and professional people
    • Mentoring